Let’s Change the World: Community Spirit

Megan Anderson, Genna Campton, Carolyn Ang

Helping out is lots of fun. Let’s see who we meet! Communities can change the world. Come on, let’s hit the street! Community Spirit illustrates the richness that comes from making friends and establishing communities. From community gardens and shopping locally to helping a neighbour and sharing produce, being part of a community is invigorating and can start with something as simple as a smile. Let’s Change the World is a series of board books targeted at babies, toddlers and grown-ups that encourages creative play while exploring pressing global issues in a positive, uplifting way.

46% of millennials prioritise positive impacts on community and society, and 74% of millennial parents involve their children in household decisions. This series helps parents share their green-living values with their young children in a fun, engaging way.

- Hardie Grant Children's Publishing

Board Book
Picture Book

Megan Anderson, Genna Campton, Carolyn Ang

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