Managing Employee Performance and Reward, 3e

Shields, Rooney, Brown, Kaine

The third edition of Managing Employee Performance and Reward: Systems, Practices and Prospects has been thoroughly revised and updated by a new four-member author team. The text introduces a new conceptual framework based on systems thinking and a dual model of strategic alignment and psychological engagement. Coverage of chapter topics provides a balance between research evidence and practice and, in this new edition, is enhanced with a more applied and technical approach. The text also includes chapters dedicated to conceptual framing, base pay and individual recognition and reward; ‘reality check’ breakout boxes with practical examples and current problems on each of strategic alignment, employee engagement, organisation justice and workforce diversity; and a new chapter exploring new horizons in performance and reward practice and research with a focus on the mega-trends of technological transformation under ‘Industry 4.0’, new economic forms and relationships arising from the ‘gig’ economy, and generational change.

Contains excellent links between strategy and implementation

Presents a more applied/technical 'how to' approach in the new edition

Includes instructor resources to accompany the text

Paperback & ebook

John Shields, Jim Rooney, Michelle Brown, Kaine

John Shields is Deputy Dean (Education) of the University of Sydney Business School. Jim Rooney is a lecturer in accounting units at the University of New South Wales. Michelle Brown is a Professor at the University of Melbourne. Sarah Kaine lectures at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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Managing Employee Performance and Reward, 3e
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