Mandala Healing Oracle

by Denise Jarvie, artwork by Lindy Longhurst

Follow your breath on a colour-filled journey into healing, magic and inspiration and awaken the strength, peace and vibrant creativity at your core. As you explore these beautiful mandalas from the outside in, you will delve into the hidden hues, rich imagery and glorious metaphor of your subconscious, your higher self, and your innate potential.

Together, the delightful images, colour guide, messages, meditations, and journal prompts will gently release stressors, so you move toward your dreams and desires with calm and confidence. Enhance intuition, self-understanding, and enjoy your daily adventure in the beautiful world where we live. Enjoy!

Includes meditations, colour guide, unique card layouts, healing reflections and journal prompts.

44 cards and 140-page guidebook in a hardcover box set.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Denise Jarvie

Denise Jarvie is a soul coach and mentor who works to uncover the truth and deeper purpose at a soul level. She specialises in helping people release outdated patterns and behaviours and awaken their intuitive wisdom into everyday life.

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Mandala Healing Oracle
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