Maria Petranelli is Prepared for Anything (Except This)

Elisa Chenoweth

Maria Petranelli feels her height, or lack thereof, is a curse. It gives people the impression she is cute. And cute people are never taken seriously. So when her family declares she ‘couldn’t handle living in Italy’, she immediately signs up to go there on student exchange.

Yet Maria’s family is right. In Italy, she is out of her depth – by the language, the traffic, and by her confusing attraction to Kennedy, the tall, sweet-but-hopeless American student who seems to like her back.

The two girls are thrown together in the most bizarre circumstances when they are witnesses to both a coincidence and a crime (a heart attack and a murder – not that either can tell the difference), and forced on a cat-and-mouse chase across Italy to save their own lives. All the while battling feelings for each other that are, at the very least … inconvenient.

Maria Petranelli is prepared for anything. Except this.

Looking for Alibrandi meets Arrested Development in this outrageously funny, tender-hearted YA screwball comedy about a student exchange gone wrong.

- Hardie Grant Children's Publishing


Elisa Chenoweth

Hardie Grant Children's Publishing

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