Music, Dance and the Archive

Eds Amanda Harris, Linda Barwick and Jakelin Troy

Music, Dance and the Archive reimagines records of performance cultures from the archive through collaborative and creative research. In this edited volume, Amanda Harris, Linda Barwick and Jakelin Troy bring together performing artists, cultural leaders and interdisciplinary scholars to highlight the limits of archival records of music and dance.

Through artistic methods drawn from Indigenous methodologies, dance studies and song practices, the contributors explore modes of re-embodying archival records, renewing song practices, countering colonial narratives and re-presenting performance traditions. The book’s nine chapters are written by song and dance practitioners, curators, music and dance historians, anthropologists, linguists and musicologists, who explore music and dance by Indigenous people from the West, far north and southeast of the Australian continent, and from Aotearoa New Zealand, Taiwan and Turtle Island (North America).

a particularly genius approach to bringing the archives to life…we must reanimate the archives, and this is the true decolonisation of the archives…To have the Traditional Owners take these elements of cultural heritage and bring them back to life in their own cultures

- Professor Marcia Langton

Paperback & ebook
Indigenous music

Amanda Harris, Linda Barwick and Jakelin Troy

Amanda Harris is a Senior Research Fellow at Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Director of the Sydney Unit of PARADISEC. Linda Barwick is Emeritus Professor at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Jakelin Troy is Director, Indigenous Research, University of Sydney.

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Music, Dance and the Archive
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