My Brother Ben

Peter Carnavas

Luke and his big brother Ben spend the summer on the banks of Cabbage Tree Creek. Quiet Luke sketches birds, while Ben leaps off the Jumping Tree. The boys couldn’t be more different but they share the same dream: winning a boat so they can explore the creek properly.

Then Ben starts high school and the boys drift apart. When Luke catches Ben sneaking out at night, he knows his brother’s up to something, but what?

A timeless story of birds and boats, and of brotherly love that is bigger than a wedge-tailed eagle, bigger than the sky.

‘Carnavas has done a masterful job of creating an authentic narrative voice. The gorgeous, lyrical text captures the surrounds of Cabbage Tree Creek beautifully; every chapter is soaked in sunlight and warm river water. My Brother Ben is a wonderful book for introspective young readers.’

- Books + Publishing

My Brother Ben is an intricate and engaging portrayal of loss, the wonder of the natural world, and the power of the sibling bond ... The novel’s humour, page-turning pace and attention to detail make it a standout read.’

- Reading Tme

‘A tender, timeless story.’

- Guardian UK


Peter Carnavas

Peter Carnavas writes and illustrates books for children which have published and recognised widely. The Elephant won a Queensland Literary Award and My Brother Ben won a NSW Premier’s Literary Award and a Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year Award.

University of Queensland Press (UQP)

For 70 years UQP has been at the forefront of innovative publishing. It has launched the careers of many great novelists, published contemporary poets, been a pioneering force in children’s and young adult publishing and has set the benchmark for award-winning scholarly and Black Australian writing.

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