My Family and Other Suspects

Kate Emery

A sharply observed tale of murder, mystery and malice and proof of what can go wrong on a family holiday if there is no mobile network.

‘Do you want to talk about a fictional murder in a book or do you want to talk about the actual murder that happened under our roof?’

Fourteen-year-old Ruth has spent the weekend at the family farm with her dad, her aunts, their partners and her kind-of-cousin, Dylan, visiting the ancient GG, Ruth’s coolly distant step-grandmother. With no internet or phone coverage, Ruth spends her time re-reading old Agatha Christie novels, eavesdropping on the adults and definitely not daydreaming about Dylan.

But when GG dies under suspicious circumstances, Ruth’s long weekend turns into an enforced family-holiday-slash-possible-murder-investigation – and Ruth’s not about to let the police get in the way of her chance to solve a real-life murder mystery. With Dylan as the Watson to her Holmes, Ruth soon discovers that plenty of people had reasons to be rid of GG, and her list of suspects grows to comprise everyone in the house including, in the interests of fairness, herself.

The thing about family holidays is that you’ve got to be prepared for fights.

Young Adult

Kate Emery

Kate Emery lives in Perth and works as a senior reporter for the West Australian. Her first novel, The Not So Chosen One was shortlisted for the 2020 Text Prize, the Aurealis Awards (Best Fantasy Novel) and longlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year Awards, Older Readers.

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