My Hearts Are Your Hearts Twenty New Stories and their Origins

Carmel Bird

What are the hares getting up to among the sunflowers? Who is paying
$6000 for a raincoat? The priest is good, kind, adored, believed – but can the schoolgirl trust him? Who kills his wife and dumps the body in the pool?
What if you find your death was listed long ago online?

With lightness in the telling, with subtle harmonies and rhythms in the sentences, subversive wit, tender observation –these new stories from one of Australia’s foremost storytellers explore themysterious workings of the heart. 

Accompanied by the author’s comments on the stories’ origins and themes, as well as insights into the creative process. A must for lovers of short fiction – for readers and for writers.

Bird is on song.'

- Marion Halligan

‘Delicious and disturbing stories from a great Australian storyteller.’

 ‘Intimate and witty, romantic and ironic, and, above all, compassionate, Carmel Bird’s extraordinary stories do more than take you in — they abduct you.’

- Robert Drewe

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Literary Fiction

Carmel Bird

Spineless Wonders

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My Hearts Are Your Hearts Twenty New Stories and their Origins