Norse Goddess Rune Oracle

by Rebecca Joy Stark, artwork by Sharon McLeod

Drawing from an ancient well of women’s wisdom, this symbol-enriched oracle brings the power of the Norse Goddesses into the light and makes the mysterious art of rune divination accessible for all.

The imagery and messaging of this exquisitely crafted set are infused with Old Norse concepts, deities, sagas, iconography and lore. Each card holds its own rune spirit, is empowered by a Goddess and has red edges to help activate its magick.

A beautiful journey through the archaeological, mythical and esoteric wonders of the Elder Futhark for relatable, supportive guidance that speaks to the core of your questioning and delivers immediate, practical answers of fate and fortune.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Rebecca Joy Stark

Rebecca Joy Stark is an experienced rune practitioner who mentors worldwide in the sacred art of rune divination. As a vǫlva, she practises the art of seiðr to answer questions, gain knowledge from realms beyond and create change for those who seek her wisdom. She is a healer and seeress who uses multiple modalities to empower people with the awareness to heal themselves.

Rebecca is passionate about Norse mythology and Nordic paganism and has a deep respect and reverence for the goddesses of the Norse pantheon. As a grandmother, mother, daughter and sister, she holds profound knowledge and love for women’s roles across space and time.

Rebecca is a qualified teacher with a Masters in Education. She teaches Norse mythology, Norse spirituality and the Elder Futhark runes. She blends her academic passion with her pagan lifestyle by exploring historical and archaeological evidence alongside the esoteric and magickal. As an animist, Rebecca holds space for the sacred within all things and dedicates her life to teaching the ancient ways to others.

Rebecca consults the runes from within the magickal gypsy wagon at House of Fortuna, Sharon McLeod’s gallery and shop, nestled in the gorgeous Gold Coast hinterland. She also runs an Etsy store, Stark Raven Runes, where she harnesses the power of the runes to aid people in their journey.

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Norse Goddess Rune Oracle
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