Nova Witch Tarot

Suki Ferguson, artwork by Ana Novaes

Weave your unique magic into life’s tapestry.Do you experience life deeply, in all its light and shade? Do you long for a richer understanding of the world and your place in it?Nova Witch Tarot is a captivating deck tailored for young hearts and those new to tarot. These 78 cards and full-colour guidebook are your trusted allies, helping you dance through life’s twists and turns with empathy and self-love. Illuminate the countless facets of your being while discovering hidden potential and unexpected paths into the future.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Suki Ferguson

Suki Ferguson is a writer living in London, UK. Nova Witch Tarot is the second collaboration between her and Ana Novaes. Together, they wrote and illustrated the book Young Oracle Tarot (Quarto, 2022), a beginner’s guide to tarot that is available worldwide and has been translated into six languages. Suki leads tarot online for people around the world as @mirrortarot. Reading cards for others is one of her great joys in life.

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Nova Witch Tarot
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