One Planet, One Health

Edited by Merrilyn Walton

One Planet, One Health provides a multidisciplinary reflection on the state of our planet, human and animal health, as well as the critical effects of climate change on the environment and on people. Climate change is already affecting many poor communities and traditional aid programs have achieved relatively small gains. Going beyond the narrow disciplinary lens and an exclusive focus on human health, a planetary health approach puts the ecosystem at the centre. The contributors to One Planet, One Health argue that maintaining and restoring ecosystem resilience should be a core priority, carried out in partnership with local communities.

Recognising the interconnectedness of the planet’s sentient beings and the environment underpins One Health research.

- Merrilyn Walton

Health and medicine

Professor Merrilyn Walton

Merrilyn Walton is professor of medical education (patient safety) in the School of Public Health at Sydney University.

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