Oracle of Delphi

by Suzy Cherub, artwork by Briarly Collyns

Here, on the threshold of wisdom, you can commune with ancient seers, reclaim miracles and free the future. Here, your questions invite guidance, magic and activations. Here, you can experience a remembering that brings you home to the temple within. This exquisite oracle set is a portal to clarity and understanding. Shuffle the deck to invoke the eternal priestess, choose your cards and welcome wonder, healing visions and sacred empowerment.

May the mysteries of the oracle open your intuitive senses, self-awareness and inner mystic. —Suzy Cherub

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Suzy Cherub

A mystic and wayshower, Suzy Cherub is an internationally award-winning psychic who has helped
thousands through her natural healing guidance. As a celebrated author, speaker and intuitive
coach, she gently guides and empowers others, nurturing their innate wisdom and inspiring a more
conscious, authentic and fulfilling way of life.

Suzy is a matriarch, mama and grandmother who wears her wise woman crown with overflowing
pride. As a spiritual adventurer, she has travelled the globe to explore ancient sites, temples and
natural wonders. She began channelling the concept, meaning and insights for what would become
Oracle of Delphi after visiting the site of the Temple of Apollo in Greece. Her creative imaginings are
dedicated to weaving magic into the mundane. Suzy is also the author of the bestselling Star Temple
Oracle, Faery Temple Oracle and Water Temple Oracle — and there is so much more to come!

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Oracle of Delphi
World ex English & French
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