Oracle of the Wylder Ones

by Sharon McLeod

From a whimsical world charged with insight, symbolism and premonition, these unique messengers are here with guidance and affirmations to invoke your inner wylderness and bring joy and adventure to all you do. The Wylder Ones love your curiosity for the future, your desire for self-awareness and your keen sense of the interplay between choice and destiny.
Sharon McLeod’s enchanting imagery and allegory invite you to glimpse the unknown, play with possibility and craft a life of delight!

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Sharon McLeod

Sharon McLeod is a visionary artist/illustrator who is deeply inspired by nature, myth, magic and all things otherworldly. Her art is featured in tarot and divination decks, alternative magazines, book covers and private collections worldwide. Her witchy heritage inspires her fascination with all things mystical. Sharon has created a range of divination teacups and saucers and hosts tea parties sharing her unique method of reading the tea leaves. Sharon continues to create beauty in her mountain home in Australia, where she runs a gallery and shop, The House of Fortuna. In her world, the dream is real, and life the illusion. 

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Oracle of the Wylder Ones
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