Ouch: Tales of Gravity

Kate Simpson

Illustrated by Andy Hardiman

A funny book about gravity suitable for readers who love We Go Way Back and Do Not Lick this Book.

Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when he got hit on the head by an apple.

People might tell you this is the moment gravity was first discovered, but the truth is people had been discovering gravity long before Isaac.

You might have even discovered it yourself … Ouch!

An entertaining, humorous look at the idea that what goes up must come down – and why. And for the more curious minds, the back of the book explores gravity in greater detail and includes an easy science activity suitable for children to do at home or school.

Non Fiction Picture Book

Kate Simpson is also the picture book author of Dear Grandpa (illust. by Ronojoy Ghosh) and Anzac Girl (illust. by Jess Racklyeft).

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