Out of the Fog: On Politics, Feminism and Coming Alive

Renée Gerlich

From racialised police brutality to climate change, #MeToo, ‘trans rights’, COVID-19, the prospect of nuclear war and the prevalence of trauma – we are constantly bombarded with high stakes problems that we are expected to speak out about and act on. On closer inspection, the popular solutions to each of these problems aren’t easy to reconcile. Black Lives Matter activists demand prison abolition, while #MeToo feminists want rapists in jail – and while our objections to war and police brutality make us suspicious of state institutions in general, our responses to climate change and COVID-19 reinforce our dependency on them.

Out of the Fog cuts through the confusion. Renée Gerlich suggests that readers move beyond feeling overwhelmed and emotionally manipulated. She draws on a radical feminist tradition that demonstrates how our despair is connected to our most pressing social problems, and offers a framework for assessing and interpreting the current political landscape.

Out of the Fog delivers clarity and guidance in this bewildering time. Renée Gerlich’s insights will help you develop the capacity to speak with an authentic voice and to act purposefully and with impact in the world.

Gerlich’s journey encourages us to find our own authentic power and her writing helps us find our own answers, too.

- Rain and Thunder

Paperback & ebook
feminism, feminist theory

Renée Gerlich

Renée Gerlich is a New Zealand-based writer and artist whose work can be found on Feminist Current, Savage Minds, and her blog, reneejg.net.

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