Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain

Jayneen Sanders, Lesley Danson

Teaching children about gender equality, respect, respectful relationships, empowerment, diversity, leadership, recognizing bullying behaviors, and the prevention of violence

Captain Pearl Fairweather is a brave and fair pirate captain.
She and her diverse crew of twenty-four women sail the seven seas on the good ship, Harmony. All is well until the day Captain Sandy McCross sails into their lives and demands to take over Pearl’s ship!
This beautifully illustrated children’s picture book explores the issues of gender equality and respect as well as bullying and the prevention of violence. The aim of this narrative is to empower young girls to be strong, assertive and self-confident, and for boys to respect that empowerment and to embrace and value it. Boys’ lives can be so much richer if they partner with girls on an even footing, with each individual contributing their talents unreservedly. Captain Pearl Fairweather acts as a strong role model, encouraging young girls to make their own choices and to follow their dreams. Just like Pearl, women can be leaders and work confidently with their male peers to achieve so much in this world. Reader’s notes and extensive discussion questions are also included.

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Foreword INDIES Picture Books, Early Reader Finalist 2016
Paperback & Hardback
Gender Equality, Leadership

Jayneen Sanders

Jayneen Sanders (aka Jay Dale) is an experienced educator and author. She writes children’s books on body safety, consent, gender equality, social and emotional intelligence. Jayneen is Lead Author for the series Engage Literacy published by Capstone, and

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Educate2Empower Publishing is an international award-winning niché children’s book publisher established in 2010 that specializes in children’s books on BODY SAFETY, CONSENT, GENDER EQUALITY, RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS, and SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain
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