Prometheus High 1: How to Make a Monster

Stuart Wilson

Athena Strange isn’t like other children her age. She enjoys far more experimental projects in her free time, like resurrecting her neighbour’s dead cat in the middle of a wild lightning storm.

After this experiment nearly burns down her house, Athena is invited to attend Prometheus High. A unique boarding school located on ex-ocean liner the SS Unbound. Here, reanimation is a core subject, among other lessons like building robots and golems, learning the ins and outs of galvanism and catching frogs as they fall from the sky. And did we mention there’s magic? Yes, there’s magic, and it’s just the thing for this clever disaffected twelve-year-old.

Once Athena sets foot aboard the rusty hulk, her adventures careen from one to another, the stakes are raised, danger is everywhere and mysteries are eventually revealed.

Junior/Middle-Grade Fiction

Stuart Wilson

STUART WILSON is nn omnivore when it comes to consuming stories, he reads too many books, watches too many films and plays too many videogames. Promethues High is his first novel.

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