Put Right Something That’s Wrong

Albert Nolan

This is a collection of articles by and interviews with South African Dominican Albert Nolan OP who died in October 2022 at the age of 88. From 1973–1980, Nolan was Chaplain to the National Catholic Federation of Students (NCFS) and, until 1980, assisted the Catholic Students Association (CASA), which was formed in 1976 after black students began organising themselves into separate formations as Black Consciousness flourished. In 1977, Nolan was instrumental in establishing Young Christian Students (YCS) in South Africa after he attended an International Movement of Catholic Students gathering in Lima, Peru, in 1975, where he was introduced to the See-Judge-Act method of social analysis and was inspired by Gustavo Gutiérrez, who later also became a Dominican and who is regarded as one of the pioneers of Liberation Theology. From 1977–1984, Nolan served as national chaplain of YCS, which affiliated itself to the United Democratic Front (UDF).

Nolan also played a brave role in the ‘underground work’ of the liberation movements, notably the African National Congress (ANC), offering his support to activists, especially those who became victims of the apartheid regime’s violent and repressive security police. He was part of a secret underground network that managed logistics, including the transportation and movement of activists, providing safe houses and a means of communication while in South Africa.

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Put Right Something That’s Wrong