Quit Smoking Weapons of Mass Distraction

Simon Chapman

For decades, there have been far more ex-smokers than smokers – an estimated 75% quit without any drugs or professional help. But smoking cessation is a mass global phenomenon which is serviced by multibillion-dollar industries (pharmaceutical and e-cigarette industries, as well as health professionals). These try to denigrate unassisted cessation and promote their products and services as essential to successful quitting. This discourse promotes smoking cessation “weapons of mass distraction” and the medicalisation of a process that, before these products were available, had a natural history where drugs and expertise were absent, yet many millions quit around the world. The book reviews the early history of quitting smoking, the rise of assisted quitting and the forces that have tried to undermine smokers’ agency to stop.

"Chapman is indispensable reading for anyone wanting to help the billion-odd smokers end their addiction. A powerful and important book!"

- Robert Proctor, author of Golden Holocaust

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Health and medicine

Simon Chapman

Simon Chapman is professor emeritus of public health at the University of Sydney. In 2013 he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for his contributions to public health.

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Quit Smoking Weapons of Mass Distraction
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