Andrew Pateron

A tender, heartfelt and funny middle-grade novel about a boy grappling with the rather large consequences of a minor misdeed, set against the backdrop of his mum’s new relationship and the lush landscape of tropical north Queensland.

Aaron lives with his single mother and his bookish older brother Connor in a small town at the edge of a rainforest, home of the legendary rainfish. Wanting to make an impression on an older, cool kid, Aaron reluctantly takes part in a burglary that he immediately regrets. When the theft is reported in the local newspaper, Connor decides to try out some amateur sleuthing and the police begin an investigation.

Aaron tries to cover his tracks, but when torrential rains and a fast-flowing flood lead to tragedy, Aaron he feels desperate guilt. His attempts to make amends take him on a journey that’s unexpected, humorous and ultimately redemptive.

Rainfish is a delightfully engaging story that explores big feelings—joy, happiness, regret, guilt and fear— and the importance of knowing when to tell the truth, no matter how hard that might seem.

Middle Grade

Andrew Paterson

Andrew Paterson is a general practitioner who lives in tropical far north Queensland. Rainfish, his debut novel, won the 2020 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing.

Text Publishing

Text Publishing is an independent, Melbourne-based publisher of literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction. Text has been awarded the ABIA Small Publisher of the Year three times and won the Leading Edge Books Small Publisher of the Year in 2018 and 2019.