Real Conversations

Mitch Wallis

A 5-step guide for how to better connect with the people around you, from a wellbeing educator with a mission to ‘change the way the world feels’

Healthy relationships are the heartbeat of life: research tells us the number-one thing that keeps us happy is who we have around us. The best way to improve your own life, and the lives of others, is to invest in your ability to connect. But so often, when the people around us experience emotional pain, we don’t know how to support them.

You may be a parent supporting your child with anxiety, a partner supporting your spouse with depression or addiction, a manager trying to support your employee through grief, a co-worker supporting your teammate with relationship issues, a friend supporting a loved one through financial stress or a teacher supporting a student being bullied.

If you can see yourself in any of these situations, this book is for you. Like the tens of thousands of people Mitch Wallis has trained over the years through his Real Conversations workshops, you will learn from an evidence-based 5-step framework: Engage, Listen, Safety, Action and Boundaries.

Real Conversations will help you to form unprecedented trust and closeness in your most important relationships, without hurting yourself in the process.

The ultimate guide to supporting someone through emotional pain.

- Mallika Chopra

Humans are more disconnected than ever before; Real Conversations acts as the practical guide to bring us all back together. A much-needed read for everyone seeking to foster genuine connections.

- Joe Williams, mental health advocate

Mitch Wallis has penned a must-read mental health guide for anyone who cares for, works with or supports a person living with mental illness. Read this book – and learn exactly how your conversations and connections will save lives.

- Antoinette Lattouf, journalist and author

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Mitch Wallis

Mitch Wallis is becoming one of the top thought leaders in psychology, with a lifelong mission to ‘change the way the world feels’.

Mitch is most well known as the founder of Heart on My Sleeve, a mental health movement that encourages people to connect through vulnerability. He is also the creator of Real Conversations, an interpersonal relationship program that builds psychological safety in workplaces, families and schools by embedding emotionally intelligent communication skills.

As an accomplished keynote speaker, Mitch has delivered talks to tens of thousands of people at companies including American Express, KPMG, Amazon and Google. He has appeared in wellbeing campaigns by the likes of Allianz and LinkedIn, and featured in media outlets including the Huffington Post and Channel 10’s The Project.

Mitch holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University in New York, and has over two decades of lived experience with mental ill-health, including anxiety, depression and OCD.

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