Returning to Adelaide

Anne Freeman

Adelaide Jones is about to taste the sweet life. Raising her 5-
year-old twins is getting easier and her husband, Joe, is selling his
IT company for an ungodly sum. Then, it all implodes. Could her
quest to be indispensable to her husband have rendered her
invisible instead? Maybe it’s time Joe learned just how pampered
his life is.
When Alec, an unrequited love from the past, invites her to the
Greek Islands, she flees on a whim. With bass beating in time with
her heart, she isn’t a wife or mother, but even in paradise things
aren’t always what they seem. Enmeshed in the lives of her new
friends and succumbing to old passions, responsibility comes
She returns home to find her world inexorably altered. Can she
muster the courage to build the life she always dreamed of or will
she succumb to her stifling sense of duty?

The characters in Returning to Adelaide are so vibrant and full of life. I didn’t know how invested I was until I realised I’d read the second half of the book in one sitting! I didn’t want Adelaide’s story to end but I couldn’t stop reading.'

- David Bowley

Contemporary romance

Anne Freeman

From her little teak desk on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne, Anne Freeman writes contemporary fiction about women who are stuck in life and the extraordinary ways they shake themselves loose.

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Returning to Adelaide
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