Running Deep: An Australian Submarine Life

Commodore Peter Scott

From conducting top-secret missions to making history commanding the farthest deployment of Australian submarine service, Commodore Peter Scott depicts what it takes to be a Submariner.

‘Personal and full of integrity, a great account of the ups and downs of serving Australia as an outstanding submariner.’

- Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK, AFC (Ret’d)

‘… [Peter Scott] creates a vivid picture of life below the waves, from the surreal quiet of silent running – he stresses the crucial nature of stealth both for the sub’s survival and its lethal capacity – to the dangers of submarine life in war or peace.’

- Sydney Morning Herald

‘Scott’s memoir includes tales of courage, commitment and compassion which capture the mystery, thrill, occasional terror and enduring satisfaction of his life in the submarine service … a good read.’

- Royal United Services Institute of Victoria

Paperback & ebook
Military memoir

Commodore Peter Scott

Peter Scott served in the Royal Australian Navy for three decades and became the professional head of the Navy’s elite – the Submarine Arm. Having retired from full-time naval service in early 2017, he now works as an Executive Coach.

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