Smashing Serendipity: The Story of One Moorditj Yorga

Louise K. Hansen

Life is tough for the Connell family, growing up in a small town where racist attitudes, discrimination and violence against Aboriginal people are commonplace. Lavinia is lucky: her parents ensure her family stays together while other cousins and friends are removed from the state. But violence and adversity occur over and over. In time, Lavinia will find herself a homeless young widow, stripped of hope when her own four children are taken away. But she has a way of righting herself and finding love when she least expects it.

‘This poignant memoir is a reminder that there are generations of Aboriginal women who, in addition to experiencing trauma and pain at the hands of settlers, also have stories of perseverance and strength.’

- Books+Publishing

There is a weaponised ignorance of the colonial oppression of First Nations peoples [where] facts are obscured or buried, and accounts are often strategically missing from publishing cycles. Memoirs like [this one give] us access to a lived experience we rarely see in print.’

- Kill Your Darlings

Paperback & ebook
First Nations memoir

Louise K. Hansen

Louise K. Hansen was a Binjareb Nyoongar woman born in Pinjarra, Western Australia. Louise was the first Aboriginal person to be appointed to the Federal Family Law Counsel of Australia.

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