Smoke and Mirrors

Barry Jonsberg

Grace McKellon isn’t a ‘people person’. All she needs is her magic tricks and her wise-cracking grandmother – until a new friend comes along and promises to make her a social media star. A wonderful and intriguing middle fiction novel from an internationally acclaimed, bestselling Australian author.

I don’t know about love. I suspect the emotion that others apparently feel all the time is just . . . absent from me. Like there’s an ingredient missing from the recipe. The possible exception is Gran.

Grace cares about only two things: performing magic and her cantankerous gran. Gran shares her prickly personality and spiky sense of humour, and she’s the only one Grace lets into her tightly locked heart – until she meets Simon, a schoolmate who promises to help her turn her magic tricks into a small business and social media stardom.

When Gran is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Grace moves in to become her primary carer. With the help of Simon and some sleight of hand, Grace is determined to bring joy back into their lives. And when she confronts her worst fear, she realises maybe her heart doesn’t need to stay locked away after all.

A funny, compelling and fresh story from the author of the bestselling books My Life As An Alphabet and A Song Only I Can Hear.

Smoke & Mirrors is fantastic sleight of hand and heart; at once tender and humorous

- Danielle Binks

A portrait of grief and growth, with a touch of spectacle. This is more than magic... It's a miracle.

- Will Kostakis

Middle Grade Fiction

Barry Jonsberg

Barry Jonsberg has won numerous awards for his books, both nationally and internationally. He has been published in twenty countries and translated into many languages. In 2019 his bestselling novel, My Life As An Alphabet, was made into an award-winning film, H is For Happiness, released throughout the world to great critical acclaim. The same production company is now working on an adaptation of his novel Catch Me If I Fall.

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