Social Queue

Kay Kerr

Zoe has just finished school and started an internship at a local newsroom. Her first assignment is to write about romance, but where to begin? Zoe hasn’t been in love. She doesn’t think anyone has ever even liked her. So when her article is published and she’s contacted by a number of friends who were interested in her in their schooldays, Zoe realises that somehow she had missed the social cues. Social Queue is a funny-serious own-voices story about being a young autistic woman navigating the dating scene and sorting out complex and often confusing feelings on the road to finding love. Kay Kerr’s debut novel, Please Don’t Hug Me, was beloved by readers for its portrayal of the life of an autistic teenager. Her second novel, Social Queue, is another heartwarming contemporary young adult novel with huge appeal for neuro-diverse and neuro-typical readers alike.

This own-voices Australian debut about a young woman who is shaped—but not defined—by her autism, balances its funny and serious sides perfectly, and is a heartwarming read about self-acceptance and authenticity.

- Leanne Hall on Please Don't hug Me

A moving and insightful story about finding your place in the world.

- Nina Kenwood on Please Don't hug Me

Reading age
Young Adult

Kay Kerr

Kay Kerr lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and daughter, and works as a freelance writer. Kay was writing the first draft of Please Don’t Hug Me, her first novel, when she received her own autismspectrum diagnosis.

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