Soul Mirror Oracle

by Sunshine Connelly, artwork by Ana Novaes

Self-reflection is an active, ongoing, revealing and illuminating process. Within its light, you are freed into the understanding that we are all divine, all creators, all connected. Gaze into this oracle to transform fear, amplify love and welcome potent, tangible change for yourself and all the intertwining threads and consciousness of your world. Know and see yourself through the mirror of your soul — your evolving destiny awaits.

Embark on a spiritual odyssey of untangling the past, navigating shadows, bending energy and exquisite realisation.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Sunshine Connelly

Magic, connection, and wonderment were destined to be a part of Sunshine Connelly’s world. She was born in a rural village in the Philippines where she spent her first five years surrounded by nature, stories of other realms, the love of her psychic mother, and tales of her great-grandfather, the village witch doctor. As an extension of her lineage, Sunshine has always had a deep awareness of other dimensions, often channelling and connecting with otherworldly beings.

Now based in the high country of Victoria, Australia, Sunshine is a graphic designer, business developer, and mother of three. As well as founding and selling several startups across the technology, children’s entertainment, and retail industries, she has helped many people shine a light on their authentic selves and direction through personal and business counselling and mentoring.

For Sunshine, we are much more than our physical earth bodies. She is excited to share her visions and philosophies in writing in the hope that they will help some people, guide others, and assist in raising our awareness and the evolution of our collective consciousness.

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Soul Mirror Oracle
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