Soul’s Journey Oracle

by Rassouli

Open your heart to the mysterious beauty of this oracle to seed and grow radiant contentment as you realize your unique destiny. Rassouli’s enchanted messages, mantras, and artwork are interlaced with love, wisdom, and inspiration to nurture, guide, and uplift your soul. Turn to the wonders of divine creativity and practical epiphany to light up the dreams, treasures, secrets, and possibilities of your Soul’s Journey.

“Oracles speak to us through metaphor and magic. We connect with them through our imaginations. In creating this deck, I surrendered to my inner calling to allow divine wisdom to speak directly to every open heart.” – Rassouli

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit


Rassouli is an artist, author, and creativity guru. He is the founder of an artistic movement called ‘Fusionart’, a concept focused on uniting opposites. He migrated to the United States from Iran in his teens and currently resides in Southern California.

As an artist, Rassouli has exhibited worldwide. His artworks are widely published and are found in many corporate and private collections. Among them are two major murals painted for the city of Los Angeles — one in Downtown and the other in Venice. In his artwork, Rassouli portrays multi-dimensional planes that continually weave through interrelated forms to connect all elements.

As an author, Rassouli has so far published over 24 books, mainly on art, poetry, and mystical concepts. His most popular books include Rumi Revealed, Hafiz: Wisdom of Madness, The Book of Creativity, and Fusionart. His Sufi Wisdom Oracle won the best oracle deck in the International Tarot Foundation 2020 Carta Awards.

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Soul’s Journey Oracle
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