Spies in the Sky

Beverley McWilliams

Sometimes we must do things we don’t want to, even if they frighten us.

Royal Blue is a royal racing pigeon from a long line of champions. Every morning he wakes in his comfortable loft at Sandringham House, eats the very best seeds and spends the day training with his best friend to be the fastest and strongest pigeon in Britain.

But there’s a war going on, and things are changing. Then one day, the King himself comes to the loft and chooses Blue for a very special assignment.

As Blue goes on missions, helping with rescues, carrying secret messages and facing dangers he never could have imagined, one thing will become clear: never underestimate a pigeon.

A dramatic war story with a difference - very engagingly told from the point of view of a brave and delightfully opinionated pigeon, one of a highly trained flock on his Majesty's secret service. I will never look at pigeons in the park the same way again!

- Ursula Dubosarsky

Paperback & ebook
Middle Grade Fiction

Beverley McWilliams

Beverley McWilliams loves sharing history with young children. In August 2019, she published her debut picture book Born to Fly, which tells the story of South Australian aviator Captain Harry Butler and received a notable commendation from the CBCA.

Beverley’s writing has been published online and in magazines, and she is a regular contributor to The School Magazine, Australia’s longest-running literary publication for children.

Beverley She lives by the beach in beautiful South Australia with her family and menagerie of pets (including a flock of pigeons), who provide endless inspiration.

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