Staying Power: Tips and Tools to keep you on your feet

Lindy Clemson and Megan Swann

The key to healthy ageing is to adopt a positive, confident attitude and to stay connected to your community. It is essential to keep your independence, especially as you approach that stage of life when you can fall more easily.
Staying power: tips and tools for keeping you on your feet gives practical and inspirational advice on how to prevent falls in your life. Through a combination of exercise and a healthy, active approach, you can beat what seem like inevitable outcomes of getting older.

‘Written primarily for older people who are completely new to the concept of falls reduction, however it’s also a great reference for allied health workers who are interested in falls prevention.’

- Assessor Services Bulletin

Health and medicine

Lindy Clemson and Megan Swann

Lindy Clemson is a specialist in public health research on ageing and an occupational therapist.

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