Mirandi Riwoe

Shortly before the Japanese invade, the van Hoorn family throws their famous Sinterklaas party at their tea plantation. Love blossoms and loyalties are tested, and, when the Japanese forces finally arrive, the family and their staff have to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, especially those who must evacuate to Australia. Sunbirds depicts the intricate web of identities and loyalties created by war and imperialism, and the heartbreaking compromises that so often ensue.

‘A stunning historical novel examining what it means to colonise and be colonised. Riwoe breathes life into forgotten stories and gives a voice to the figures in the margins of them.’

- Books + Publishing

‘A deeply complex and courageous novel, both intricate and sweeping, and excellently told with true feeling.’

- Better Reading

‘A captivating escape to the romance and nostalgia of the Dutch East Indies on the cusp of World War II... I could not put this book down.’

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Mirandi Riwoe

Mirandi Riwoe has a PhD in Creative Writing and Literary Studies and is the author of award-winning titles Stone Sky Gold Mountain and The Fish Girl. Her work has appeared in Best Australian Stories, Meanjin, Review of Australian Fiction and Griffith Review.

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