Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation

Renate Klein

Renate Klein argues that surrogacy can never be ethical, and she details her objections by examining the harms done to all those involved, including to the children born of surrogacy.

My eyes have been opened about an issue that was sadly not much on my radar prior to reading her incisive analysis and discussion of the serious and complex problems involved in surrogacy and its allied industries.

- —Dr Victoria Kuttainen, Associate Professor, English and Writing, James Cook University

Those uneasy about surrogacy will find their disquiet confirmed by this forceful polemic ... As a seasoned activist, Renate Klein knows the power of plain language.

- —Fiona Capp, Sydney Morning Herald

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Renate Klein

Dr Renate Klein is a long-term women’s heath researcher and has written on reproductive technologies and feminist theories over the last 30 years. She was Associate Professor in Women’s Studies at Deakin University. She is a co-founder of FINRRAGE and an original signatory to Stop Surrogacy Now.

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