That Thing I Did

Allayne Webster

Five misfits hit the road in a haunted hearse, on a madcap road-trip from their prison-bordering suburb behind the ‘Mullet-Proof Fence’ to small-town Mount Gambier.

After Taylor Kennedy makes a fatal Facebook error and is dumped by his best friend, he’s befriended by his eccentric next-door neighbour. Cravat-wearing, Chupa Chup addicted, aspiring pornographer Chip drives a funeral hearse and talks to dead people. And he wants Taylor to help him create a body-positive Instagram account, Hotties of the Northern Burbs. But mild-mannered prison escapee Jackson Rollock has other plans for them … and soon after he leaps Taylor’s backyard fence, they’re liberating Jackson’s beloved, mouthy grandmother from her nursing home and hitting the road to fulfil her dying wish to visit her long-lost husband, Errol. And sardonic, black-clad stranger Chloe, who has her own reasons for getting out of town, hitches a ride.

They’ll break the rules, bare their souls … and make a shitload of questionable jokes, while inadvertently exploring sexuality, consent, the dark side of social media, mental health and friendship.

Frank, fearless and taboo-breaking, That Thing I Did is a rollicking road trip with a serious side.

YA humour

Allayne Webster

Allayne is an internationally published Children’s and Young Adult author who grew up in rural South Australia. She now lives in Adelaide.

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That Thing I Did
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