The Angel Magic Oracle

by Tess Whitehurst, artwork by Jessica von Braun

Angel magic is accessible to all who seek it. In this ethereal oracle, you have a direct link to the boundless support, insight, and blessings of the celestial realms. Hold the deck to your heart to align yourself with the luminous presence of the angels. Welcome their energy as you shuffle and choose your cards. The big questions and the small ones are received by the angels with love, so you always receive wise, relevant, and practical responses in accord with your highest healing, purpose, and possibility.

Make Every Moment Magic

Angels appear in ways that resonate with our souls and make our consciousness sing. When we are open to their tenderness, we can experience our divinity and know the truth of their guidance through our own awakening.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Tess Whitehurst

Tess has been interested in all things magical since childhood. Her parents remember the way she casually
referred to the different colors around people’s heads and shoulders, and at preschool age, her backyard
activities included intuitively performed nature rituals and speaking with faeries.

For more than a decade, she has helped thousands through her books, articles, live workshops, and online
classes. She teaches magical and intuitive arts via her online community and learning hub, The Good Vibe
Tribe Online School of Magical Arts.

An award-winning author and intuitive counselor, Tess presents ancient, sacred, and empowering wisdom
in a friendly, joyful, and accessible way. Her work is focused on inspiring wonder, courage, confidence,
and a positive life momentum.

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The Angel Magic Oracle
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