The Angels Wept

Jack Roney

A death pact and shocking betrayal. A deluded killer. A small town
detective pushed to the brink.
Set in the rural Australian town of Lockyer, Detective Sergeant
Jarrod O’Connor is thrust into a baffling double homicide case. When a couple is gunned down inside their idyllic country
homestead, three children barely escape with their lives and hold
the key to breaking the case wide open. In search of a motive, O’Connor discovers there are others who share the killer’s twisted
delusions and taste for immortality. Tormented by his own
demons, O’Connor forms a strong bond with the children who he
must protect at the risk of placing his own family in danger.
As O’Connor pieces together clues, he is drawn closer to a deadly
confrontation and thrilling climax.

‘It is clear how much Roney’s own personal experience in law enforcement informed the story. Roney doesn’t scrape over any details. A story for crime and mystery lovers alike, The Angels Wept will keep you clasped in its grip until the end.’

- Maddison Clarke, reviewer

Crime and mystery

Jack Roney

Jack Roney lives with his family in Brisbane, Australia. His writing is inspired by over thirty years in law enforcement. Jack was a police consultant for the ABC television series Harrow. The Angels Wept is book 1 of a three-book series and reached the Wattpad Awards shortlist.

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The Angels Wept
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