The Ballad of Melodie Rose

Kate Gordon

Book 2 in The Direleafe Hall Trilogy, Book 1 being The Heartsong of Wonder Quinn.
When Melodie Rose is abandoned on the doorstep of Direleafe Hall, she realises she must be a ghost. Strangely, she is not sad. With the three other ghostly girls who haunt the school and a gloomy crow on her shoulder, Melodie has never felt more at peace. Finally, she has a place to call home. So when the Lady in White arrives with plans to flatten the beloved school, Melodie Rose must act fast to save all she holds dear. But what can one powerless ghost do?
The Ballad of Melodie Rose is a life-affirming tale of belonging, being brave and being seen.

It's a gentle, whimsical story about friendship, what it is to be loved, what it is to be seen, a way of looking at death, our place in time and across the ages. This story is literally wrapped in stardust.

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This heart-swelling tale, sprinkled with magic and stardust, will find its way into the hearts of many young readers.

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Kate Gordon’s lyrical language sweeps the reader along, and you can’t help but be emotionally affected … The story contains powerful themes of love and loss, belonging and connectedness, and the importance of being seen and heard.

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Younger Reader, 7+, Series

Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon grew up in a very booky house, with two librarian parents, in a small town by the sea in Tasmania. After studying performing arts and realising she was a terrible actor, Kate decided to give in to genetics and study to be a librarian herself. She never stopped writing.

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<em>The Ballad of Melodie Rose</em>
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