The Believer: Encounters with Love, Death & Faith

Sarah Krasnostein

This extraordinary new book by the bestselling and multi-award-winning author Sarah Krasnostein explores the power of belief.

What do we believe? Who do we believe? Why do we believe them?

Sarah Krasnostein has been spending time with interview subjects around the world. Some of them believe in things most people don’t. Ghosts. UFOs. The literal creation of the universe in six days by an all-powerful God.
Some of them believe in things most people would like to. Living with integrity and compassion. Dying with dignity and autonomy. Facing up to our transgressions with a truthful heart.

In this intensely personal and gorgeously written new book Krasnostein, the acclaimed author of TheTrauma Cleaner, talks to these believers with compassion and empathy—and finds out what happens when their beliefs crash into her own.

The Trauma Cleaner is a disturbing and fascinating read with a heavy, beating heart at its centre…[Krasnostein] shows how a writer can empathise and engage with a subject yet still paint a realistic portrait.’

- Australian on The Trauma Cleaner

[A] one-of-a-kind biography.

- Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review Summer Reading Guide on The Trauma Cleaner

Krasnostein is a master storyteller of creative non-fiction and I am in awe.

- Sarah Schmidt, author of See What I Have Done, on the The Trauma Cleaner

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Sarah Krasnostein

Sarah Krasnostein won the Victorian Prize for Literature and was shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize for her first book, The Trauma Cleaner. She lives in Melbourne and spends part of the year working in New York.

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The Believer: Encounters with Love, Death & Faith
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