The Bird Art of William T Cooper

Wendy Cooper

The sketches of master bird painter William T. Cooper show an artist with astute observational skills, intent on capturing bird behaviour, an individual’s personality, the flora of a species’ habitat. These sketches, in pencil, pen and occasional spots of watercolour, were begun in the field, often in the company of his wife, botanist Wendy Cooper. In The Bird Art of William T. Cooper, Wendy has compiled Cooper’s sketches, as well as entries from his field diary and finished paintings, taking the reader from the wet sclerophyll forests of northern Queensland to the grasslands of the dry country, from the birds-of-paradise of New Guinea to the hornbills of Africa. William T. Cooper loved to paint nature with all of its flaws and beauty; the result is a harmony of scientific precision and artistic expression.

This hefty volume contains page after page of the most intricate and delicate drawings and paintings of many varied bird species, many from Australia but also wonderful examples from all over the world.

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Wendy Cooper

Wendy Cooper was Bill Cooper’s partner in life and work. She is a respected botanist who has discovered, and named, a number of new plant species, and has also had species named in her honour.