The Book of Feeling Blue

Gwendoline Smith

A fabulous and enlightening book for anyone with depression or who has a friend or family member who has depression, from the internationally bestselling author of The Book of Overthinking.

In her new book, Gwendoline Smith tackles the increasingly prevalent mental health issue of depression. She explains the difference between being blue and being depressed, and how to identify when you have moved beyond sadness to clinical depression. She suggests therapies for both the blues and depression and distinguishes between different types of depression and how best to manage them. She explains the difference between psychiatry and psychology and what they both have to offer in treating depression.

In her trademark no nonsense but warm tone and with similar quirky illustrations to her other titles, The Book of Feeling Blue will include:

1. Description of depression and how to spot it
2. Medical treatments for depression
3. CBT treatments
4. Natural therapies
5. Baby blues/post natal depression
6. Depression in teenagers
7. Old age depression
8. Looking after yourself when you have depression
9. Supporting a family member or friend with depression

The Book of Feeling Blue is a beautiful and compassionate exploration of the history and many different types of depression, with a variety of treatment suggestions based on current research. Gwendoline Smith continues to use her accessible and compassionate writing to help those struggling with mental health.

Self-help & personal development

Gwendoline Smith

Gwendoline Smith B Soc Sci, M Soc Sci (hons), Dip Clin Psych is a clinical psychologist, speaker, blogger and the author of bestselling books The Book of Overthinking, The Book of Knowing and The Book of Angst. She also goes by the name Dr Know.

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The Book of Feeling Blue
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