The Demons Woke

Jack Roney

A dead girl. An online predator. A shocking series of revenge
murders. A new evil has emerged from the shadows.
Detective Jarrod O’Connor returns in this captivating sequel to
The Angels Wept. Disillusioned by the relentless caseload of child
abuse cases, endemic social issues and a broken justice system, O’Connor questions if he can really make a difference.
A teen goes missing and her body is discovered in a dry creek
bed. The investigation exposes the sordid underbelly of online
child exploitation. O’Connor and his team must go deep
undercover to flush out the killer. However, what they uncover is
far more disturbing than they ever imagined.
A predator is out there, killing indiscriminately. What first seems
like a series of unrelated murders, becomes a pattern of
connected revenge killings. The ghosts of a past investigation
come back to haunt O’Connor and he almost pays with his life. O’Connor must confront an unyielding killer whose version of
justice forces him to question his own moral compass.

‘Jack Roney draws on his 30-plus years of policing experience to take you on a highly charged, suspenseful and authentic crime story. He exposes the raw underbelly of society’s darkest secrets and disturbing behaviours towards the most vulnerable. The Demons Woke is another page-turning thriller you won’t put down until its riveting conclusion.’

- Darryl Elliott Green

Crime and mystery

Jack Roney

Jack Roney lives with his family in Brisbane, Australia. His writing is inspired by over thirty years in law enforcement. Jack was a police consultant for the ABC television series Harrow. The Angels Wept is book 1 of a three-book series and reached the Wattpad Awards shortlist.

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The Demons Woke
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