The Edge of Thirteen

Nova Weetman

Clem Timmins can’t wait to see her best friends after being apart all summer. But when they get back together, things have changed. Bridge is boy-crazy and acting like a different person. Ellie is wearing a bra and having a real-life romance. Clem feels left behind. When she makes friends with Tom, suddenly everyone’s gossiping about whether they’re going to be a couple.
At school camp, Bridge crosses the line and Clem has to make a decision. Can she keep growing up with her friends when they’re growing apart?
This story of fitting in and falling out perfectly captures how it feels to balance on the edge of who you are and who you want to be.

Nova Weetman is being called the new-generation Judy Blume - and rightly so. Nova meets kids where they are and weaves stories about tween and teen girls that feel utterly authentic.

- Rebecca Sparrow

Nova Weetman's powerful portrayal of the awkwardness of early youth and the changes it brings, demands attention be given to the anxiety and angst experienced by teenagers trying to fit in.

- Kids Book Review

It is so good to see a strong, positive portrayal of families, parent-teen relationships and friendships in this well-written novel.

- Good Reading

Paperback & ebook
Middle Grade, 8+

Nova Weetman

Nova Weetman lives in Melbourne with her family. She has written for TV and is the author of many middle grade and young adult novels. Nova’s middle grade novel Sick Bay was a CBCA Notable Book and shortlisted for the ABIA Awards.

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<em>The Edge of Thirteen</em>
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