The Garden at the End of the World

Cassy Polimeni and Briony Stewart

A stunning picture book about a mother and daughter’s journey to the heart of one of humankind’s most magical legacies, the Global Seed Vault in the Arctic, showing young readers the importance of safeguarding our natural resources.

‘This is a truly imaginative response to a highly important conservation project and a fascinating story'

- Readings

‘Well suited for classroom discussion regarding conservation, climate change, the Arctic and what we can do to protect our earth; however it could also spark discussions about travel, adventure and family.’

- Books + Publishing

‘This is a hopeful book that will no doubt inspire conversations, further inquiry and sew more seeds of hope as readers learn about the innovation and science that is happening to help the world today and into the future.’

- Reading Opens Doors

Picture Book

Cassy Polimeni and Briony Stewart

Cassy Polimeni is an editor and children’s author. In 2022 she was awarded an Australian Society of Authors/ Copyright Australia Mentorship to develop a middle-grade novel. Briony Stewart is the author and illustrator of several award-winning books and a lecturer in Creative Writing.

University of Queensland Press (UQP)

For 70 years UQP has been at the forefront of innovative publishing. It has launched the careers of many great novelists, published contemporary poets, been a pioneering force in children’s and young adult publishing and has set the benchmark for award-winning scholarly and Black Australian writing.

<em>The Garden at the End of the World<em>
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