The Ghost Train and the Scarlet Moon

Jack Roney

A novel of surprising twists and startling depth, inspired by QLD’s
worst rail disaster.
Labour Day 1982 – a ‘super-blue-blood-moon’ looms high in the
sky, thirty-five years since it last appeared. Three boys set out on
an adventure, exploring the trail of a ghost train long since
forgotten. It is also the 35th anniversary of the Camp Mountain
train crash, Queensland’s worst rail disaster, which claimed the
lives of sixteen people and seriously injured many others. One of
the boys vanishes without a trace.
Suspicion lingers. Friendships shatter. Lives are ruined. Years go
by. The story fades.
A retired detective never forgets.
Labour Day, 2017 – another of the trio goes missing in baffling
circumstances. Left behind and searching for answers, Toby
McIntyre sets out to uncover the truth behind the disappearances
of his two best friends, exactly thirty-five years apart to the day.
The train crash and the rare lunar event are somehow connected
and reveal clues to solve the mystery. An unlikely link to the past
holds the key.
Toby must sacrifice everything for a chance to be reunited with
his friends and to change the course of history.

‘Speculative fiction that helps keep alive the memory of Queensland’s worst train crash. Historical facts have been woven into an intriguing story with a distinct local flavour. Well worth a read!’

- Harry Colfer, author

Speculative fiction

Jack Roney

Jack Roney lives with his family in Brisbane, Australia. His writing is inspired by over thirty years in law enforcement. Jack was a police consultant for the ABC television series Harrow. The Angels Wept is book 1 of a three-book series and reached the Wattpad Awards shortlist.

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The Ghost Train and the Scarlet Moon
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