The Good Gut Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Prof Phil Hansbro

At last, a book that shows you how to reverse the negative effects of inflammation, so you look and feel younger and live longer, happier and healthier. For over four decades, world-leading independent medical research organisation the Centenary Institute has been producing breakthroughs in our biggest health challenges. Out of their mission to make people’s lives better comes The Good Gut Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
• Understand inflammation, the fundamental cause of all disease, and the various factors causing it • Learn how balancing your gut with the right food choices can help manage inflammation • Enjoy 50 versatile, delicious recipes from Aussie author and chef Fast Ed Halmagyi • Benefit from nutrition tips and recipes from Dr Clare Bailey Refocus on your health and energy, prevent sickness and reset yourself one delicious meal at a time.

The Good Gut Anti-Inflammatory Diet is a practical book, explaining the functions of inflammation and microbiome. How they influence each other and how our diet and lifestyle impacts on them. It also explores what are the best foods to eat to support a healthy gut, and why, with recipes in the back of the book that you can use as a handy meal planner.

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Prof Phil Hansbro

Professor Phil Hansbro is an internationally recognised leader in the study of diseases, like cancer, respiratory illness and infections.

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The Good Gut Anti-Inflammatory Diet
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