The Good-Hearted Gardeners

Suniti Namjoshi

What do you do when you fall in love with your next-door neighbour? You peer at each other through a hole in the fence and eventually climb over.

Sybil is a member of The Good-Hearted Gardeners, a Society for Well-Meaning Efforts for the Betterment of Language and the Salvation of the Planet, which her lover, Demo, is allowed to join. It’s funded by MI5, who ask them to monetise and weaponise the English language. Soon afterwards they discover that English is even more widespread than anyone had thought. Even the birds and the fish, the cows and the kangaroos can speak it – when they choose. The Good-Hearted Gardeners set about trying to talk to anyone – crows, magpies, robins, goldfish, cows, horses, rats, mice – who will talk to them.

With climate change and technology gone mad, what’s in store is a frightening scenario that threatens everyone – humans, animals, plants. Can the headlong rush to extinction be halted?

When the birds, and the cows and the horses and the mice and all the rest come together, much is made possible. But at what cost? Will the planet and its inhabitants be saved?

A comedic allegory for our future.

Paperback & ebook
literary fiction

Suniti Namjoshi

Suniti Namjoshi was born in Mumbai, India and now lives and writes in Devon, England. She has published numerous books, poems, fables and reviews. Her most recent book with Spinifex Press is Aesop The Fox (2018).

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