The Grown Up’s Guide to Picture Books

Lara Cain Gray, Timothy Ide, Lorena Carrington

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a picture book? Priceless! The Grown-Up’s Guide to Picture Books explores the complexities of modern picture books, from why our favourites tend to linger so long in our memories, to how we can maximise the deep reading opportunities they provide once we’ve learned to read between the lines. There’s a lot more to picture book reading, not to mention picture book writing, than meets the eye! Here is your A to Z, go-to guide to what makes a great picture book great.

A delightful deep-dive between the covers of picture books, exploring both the inner-workings and enchanting wonders of the artform.

- Matt Cosgrove, author of Macca the Alpaca


Lara Cain Gray

Lara Cain Gray is a writer based in Brisbane, Australia. Her professional past spans library and museum curatorship, academic research, and corporate and creative writing and editing. She reads every day and will NEVER be too old for picture books.

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