The Helios Book

Slade Carter

Twelve-year-old twins Hugo and Kitty have an ultra-rare condition called heterochromia, which bestows them with different coloured eyes: one hazel, the other blue. On holiday in rural Australia, the twins befriend their solitary neighbour, Lucas, who has developed a powerful solar device he calls the Helios Book.

Lucas promises it will revolutionise global energy use. In a desperate attempt to escape those who would steal the Helios Book, the twins follow a fairy wren down a wombat burrow and into the mysterious world of Taara, a land plagued by a terrifying earthquake-like phenomenon called the Blurrings, and home to those who would take a nefarious interest in the twins’ heterochromia.

The Helios Book is the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland for the Age of Extinction.

Wow! If imagination and excitement could make solar power, this book would be shining like the sun. A thrilling adventure set amongst the highest of stakes – a liveable future on the planet.

- Kate Holden, author of In My Skin

Middle grade

Slade Carter

Slade Carter currently lives in Melbourne with his wife and two children. By day, Slade works in policy and advocacy in the health sector, which is more interesting than it sounds. The Helios Book is his first novel.

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