The Jane Austen Remedy

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson is 89 years old and has recently graduated from The University of Sydney with a PhD in reading and teaching Jane Austen. This book is her reading memoir, exploring how Ruth has re-read her life through the lens of her favourite Jane Austen novels.

Ruth believes Austen’s characters have helped shape the way she thinks about her past. Austen’s novels connect Ruth with moments from both her past and her present, and each new reading brings fresh insights and perspectives. The book blends together Ruth’s memoir with Austen’s characters and themes, Austen’s personal story, dashes of very accessible criticism and philosophy and general bookishness. It’s clever and articulate and lyrical, and very much a book for readers. The passion Ruth has for reading shines through so brightly, and fans of Jane Austen won’t be disappointed.

Paperback & Hardback & ebook

Ruth Wilson completed a Bachelor of Arts (English and Education) in 1949. She was a founding member of the theatre society University of Sydney Players, and she met her husband of 67 years, David, in the quadrangle. In 1979, Ruth received a Master of Arts (Hons) from the University of Tel Aviv. In 1981 she returned to the University of Sydney to complete a Diploma of Education. In March 2021 she has had her PhD conferred. Ruth read her first Jane Austen novel in 1947 and is a longstanding member of The Jane Austen Society.

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