The Messenger’s Scribe Journal

Ravynne Phelan

Open like a flower to the song of life and the magic that surrounds and flows through all. Acknowledge, reaffirm, understand and celebrate your connection with Gaia. This journal holds sacred space. It is free of judgement and blossoming with a loving invitation to liberate, release and express all you are meant to be. The Messengers you find within these pages are your trusted companions. Speak with them, for they will show you the way …

Come to your journalling process with hope, daring, honesty and curiosity and relish in all you wish to create, and all you dream of becoming. Allow the 44 full-colour artworks by Ravynne Phelan to speak to you of magic, mystery and your ancient bond with nature and Spirit. With premium paper and lined and unlined pages, this journal is waiting to welcome your fears, hopes and truths. There are also line drawings for you to bring to life with your own touches of colour. Sketch, scribble, write and muse.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Ravynne Phelan

Dedicated to her craft, for the last fifteen years, Ravynne (pronounced Raven) has painted on an almost daily basis. Thousands of hours and hundreds of paintings later, many for publishers, self-published authors, and private commission, she now illustrates her own projects and creates divinatory tools for the purpose of helping others become self-aware, creative, expressive, and to reach their potential. She has developed a unique and recognisable style, and creates illustrations that are magical, powerful, and evocative; works of art that open the mind and touch the hearts of many. Her original paintings and prints hang on the walls of countless homes, in many different countries, all over the globe.

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The Messenger’s Scribe Journal
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