The Path of Light Journal

Anthony Salerno

Journey to Inner DivinityLet thoughts, ideas, feelings, and reflections dance across these pages, falling like seeds and blossoming into a sacred record of transformation and illumination. Experience the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and be welcomed to an inward journey of healing and awakening.This boutique journal includes lined and unlined pages, inspired verse, and light-infused imagery to guide and liberate your expression from the confines of daily life. Follow the stream of your consciousness to the wonder that resides within you. Here, you can discover solace, inspiration, and the profound realisation that you are an integral part of a vast and interconnected whole.The light of the Gita is your boundless truth.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Anthony Salerno

A lifelong seeker of wisdom, Anthony Salerno has a deep inner calling to awaken consciousness to reduce suffering, live well and be all we can be.Anthony is the author of Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster, a guide to experiencing the peace, joy and love you deserve, and Yoga Wisdom Oracle Cards.His blog, Unplugged and Awake, discusses how to break free, think for ourselves and live meaningful lives that contribute to society.On completing his law degree, Anthony practised as a solicitor for almost three years. However, his real passions were philosophy, psychology, theology, human development, yoga and meditation which he has studied continuously.In 2000, Anthony traded his career in law to pursue his true calling in the mind-body-spirit field. He and his wife Dominique founded the Australian Yoga Academy, which they owned and operated until 2021.Over twenty years, they established nine yoga studios around Melbourne and graduated almost 1000 fully qualified yoga teachers who are teaching and changing lives around Australia.Anthony continues to teach the yogic philosophy modules in AYA’s Yoga Teacher Training Program. As an inspired teacher, he loves sharing wisdom to help people open their hearts and minds and awaken the potential within.Anthony is dedicated to following his inner callings wherever they lead. He aims to live by his ideals and ever directed by revealed wisdom.For more information on Anthony’s work, please visit

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The Path of Light Journal
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